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Ahae: Through my Window

Ahae: Through my Window


By Milan Knížák & Ian McKay

State Media

It is the natural world in all its vibrant purity that breathes through the artworks of the Korean photographer Ahae. In his attempt to capture the passing of time and the beauty of his surroundings, Ahae has produced a strong message regarding the responsibility we have towards the world in which we live. His photographs explore the natural environment, which he has worked to protect since the 1970s. He can be described as an inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, environmental activist, martial artist, painter, sculptor, poet, and photographer. Ahae’s name is linked with international organic farming and nature conservation projects, and his photographic works became a logical progression from his focus on nature and how we perceive it.

Over the course of four years, Ahae took more than 2.6 million photographs—all from just one window of his studio—recording the countless episodes that took place within his view amongst the creatures with whom we share our planet. It was selections from these photographs that were on display at the first Through My Window exhibition at Grand Central Terminal in spring, 2011. In this publication, Milan Knížák writes on Ahae’s photography, while Ian McKay offers an illustrated background essay on the history of the art of landscape and environmental photography.

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