This is a Call for Artists and Craft Makers, who wish to be included in a unique and ambitious publishing project titled North-Northwest: A Guide to the Visual Arts, Crafts, & Cultural Life of the Northwest Highlands & Islands. The book is scheduled for publication in spring, 2019 and will provide a comprehensive survey of artists and makers whose work shows a clear connection with the Northwest Highlands & Islands of Scotland. We are currently compiling a list of artists and craft makers, as well as galleries, arts centres, exhibition spaces and other venues. You can register your details for inclusion here. For further information, reveal more...

The project is currently in the development stage. Once you register your details with us, we will be in touch to arrange your listing in the book, and what format this should take. You will be able to choose from a number of listing formats and provide images of your work if you would like to do so. As we move forward, we will also be commissioning texts by writers and critics who can make an authoritative contribution to the book as well. If you are a writer who feels you may be able to make a credible contribution, we are happy for you to contact us so that we may discuss this. The book will be edited by Ian McKay and published by Hatchet Green.


Among the contents of the book, will be:

  • An Introductory Overview.
  • Contemporary Artist/Maker Profile Features.
  • Contextual Essays by Writers and Critics.
  • Historical Features/Backgrounding.
  • Interviews with Artists & Makers.
  • Regional/Local Maps & Guides.
  • An Extensive Listings Section with contact details for Painters, Sculptors, Craft Makers, Open Studios, Galleries, Museums, Arts Centres & Venues, plus other key sites of cultural interest.
  • A 'Further Reading' section and Bibliography.
  • Additional materials are currently under review and may be added in due course.



If you are based within the Northwest Highlands or Western Isles and wish to be included in the publication, please register your details with us now via the Registration button (below). If you have a question about the project, please contact Hatchet Green Press. For further information, reveal more...

While we intend to feature fifty or more artists and makers with contextual essays about their work, we wish the listings section of the book to be wholly inclusive, thus celebrating to the fullest, the creative diversity of the 'region'. There is also additional scope to highlight emerging or unrecognised talent from the responses we receive, too, and this is integral to our current outreach phase. 

There have been several excellent books on the arts of the Western Isles in particular (and these will be included in a 'Further Reading' section). Generally, the focus of such publications has been on a selected number of artists and/or craft makers, or limited to a specific location within the much wider geographical area that we are considering, however. We hope that the project we are developing will be a wholly inclusive comprehensive guide that offers a much broader contextual focus. Registration for inclusion is open to all.  


Please Note: The wording of the book cover image on this page may be subject to change. The cover image shows the work of the Skye-based craft maker and artist Helena Emmans.