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Scratch a Hippy, Find a Fascist: Localism, Language & the Struggle for Power

Scratch a Hippy, Find a Fascist: Localism, Language & the Struggle for Power


By Ian McKay
With Michael Rosen (Epigraph), Samir Mehanovic (Afterword)

Hatchet Green Press
ISBN: 978-1908309013
December 8, 2016
200 Pages

Over recent decades, the term 'Localism' has been interpreted in many different ways. For some people, it represents their aspiration to have power devolved to the local community, where decisions are made by those who will directly benefit from a decentralisation of power. For others, it has been seen as a cover for swingeing cuts to public services, and failed attempts to foster greater involvement from the private and voluntary sectors.

While Localism may offer the potential to build strong, inclusive communities, it can also have the opposite effect, too. Ian McKay looks to the minutiae of life in the ultra-local sphere and asks: Are we already building communities populated only by 'people like us'? At a time when the future has never been so uncertain, and the far-right is gaining ever-greater ground, can we detect in the language of Localism, the sign of fascism on the march once more? What about the stories we tell and the myths we nurture about 'home' and 'belonging'? And what can history teach us about why the champions of neoliberalism are asking us to become more 'local' in our thinking?

The book also includes an Afterword by the BAFTA award-winning documentary filmmaker Samir Mehanovic and Epigraph by Michael Rosen.

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