Hatchet Green Press is our Small Press publishing imprint, and we are passionate about what we do. Our mission is to play our part in keeping alive the spirit of independent publishing, working with authors on a one-to-one collaborative basis to craft books that mainstream publishers traditionally ignore. With an extensive background in arts publishing, and located in the far north of Scotland, we are also highly committed to the promotion of the arts, crafts, and cultural life of the Northwest Highlands and Islands. We are currently developing a publications series as part of our upcoming Hatchet Green Arts initiative, and are now inviting authors and artists to register their interest in contributing to this venture.




The first book that we published when we launched in 2010 was an anthology of environmental writing from the 1700s to the 1920s (about what is, today, the New Forest – Britain's smallest National Park). Soon, the debut publication for our new Hatchet Green Arts Series is set to showcase contemporary artists and makers from Scotland's Northwest Highlands and Islands, with contextual essays and an extensive listings section and directory. The book has been scheduled for publication in early 2019 and is our most ambitious project yet.



Hatchet Green Press grew out of a mindset typical to the Alternative/DIY publishing culture of the 1970s, but though we now operate a Small Press with global reach, our principles remain pretty much unchanged. This means that we work to core values that are sometimes hard to find in the competitive world of twenty-first century publishing. Whatever we are working on, we are committed to:

  • Working in a spirit of transparency, with clearly defined goals.
  • Working in a spirit of cooperation, not competition.
  • Working in a spirit of equality, fairness, and integrity.
  • Working inclusively to build a sense of community.
  • Working in a way that uses resources both wisely and well.

If these are values that resonate with you and have meaning for what you do too, we may be one step closer to working together. The relationship between an author and publisher should be one that is built upon shared goals that are clearly defined, and that foster a spirit of mutual trust. Our values are further underpinned by the professional guidelines for best practice concerning the author/publisher relationship as set out by both the Society of Authors and Publishing Scotland, both of which provide their members with a wealth of invaluable information.


During spring/summer 2018, we are actively encouraging book submissions from authors and poets (as well as artists working with the bound book format). Our role is one of investing in the long-term collaborative relationships with all of our authors, and we limit the number of books we publish each year to ensure that we can do that comfortably. Our work does not end with the launch of a book but involves following through with well-thought-out creative marketing strategies to ensure that each book is not just well-received but has every chance of success.

If you would like to know more about the way we work, there's a brief visual précis about our Small Press/Micro Press publishing model here. If you would like to submit your work for consideration, please see our Submissions page, which offers further background information as well. We are always interested in receiving proposals from authors of non-fiction, social history, biographies, and poetry, as well as experimental projects. Fiction and non-fiction connected to the Northwest Highlands and Islands, in particular, is of additional interest, too.