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Submission Guidelines

If you are thinking of submitting a book proposal to Hatchet Green Press, we are happy to accept unsolicited material, but please read our Submission Guidelines (below) before submitting your work. If you are a first-time author making a submission to a publisher, we encourage you to read our Further Information for Authors that appears on this page below our Submission Guidelines. Once received, we will give your submission our careful consideration, and aim to respond promptly.


We actively encourage submissions from authors, poets, and artists whose work is connected to the Northwest Highlands and Islands of Scotland, including, but not limited to:

  • Arts, Crafts & Culture
  • Fiction, Short Stories, & Poetry
  • Geography, Nature & The Environment
  • Local History (including Journals & Memoirs)
  • Social History (Local/Regional)
  • Travel & Guides

Regardless of location, we are also currently encouraging submissions in the following categories:

  • Biography
  • Poetry
  • Social History
  • Experimental Projects & Artists' Books.


Before you begin completion of our Submission Form, please prepare your work in one of the file formats listed below (your files should be double line-spaced with text set in 12pt Times New Roman font). Files to be submitted should be less than 2 GB in size, and named with your last name and the date of your submission appended in the numeric 'dd-mm-yyyy' format:

  • e.g. "Yourname-15-07-2018.doc"

If you need to submit more than one file, please append a letter to the end of each filename:

  • e.g.  "Yourname-15-07-2018a.doc", "Yourname-15-07-2018b.doc" etc.

You may submit your manuscript/file(s) in either of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word (.doc, or .docx) – preferred
  • PDF (.pdf) – accepted


  • All submissions to Hatchet Green Press are confidential.
  • In the case of fiction, a 200-300 word synopsis + the first 3 Chapters are acceptable.
  • PDF files should only be sent if we may later request your work as a MS Word document.
  • Do not submit illustrations or photographs without contacting us first.
  • We may retain a copy of your submission for 6 months (after which we will delete it from our system).

If you believe your submission meets the requirements above, please use the button below to open our Submission Form. There are two parts to the process. After completing Part One, you will be redirected to another page to submit your files. If you experience any technical issues or have questions about any of the above information, please email us. Thank you.



In preparing the information that follows, we have taken our lead from the 'Voluntary Code to Improve Relationships Between Authors and Publishers', issued jointly by Publishing Scotland and The Society of Authors, as well as the Publishers Association 'Code of Practice'. We believe that both these documents offer a clear and concise overview of best practice for an author/publisher relationship, and are (at the very least) the questions any author should be asking a prospective publisher. 

If you agree to publish my work, will I receive a Contract that is clear and unambiguous?

Yes. The contract you receive will be clear and comprehensive. It will state the agreed title that identifies the work; the nature of the rights conferred; the timescale for the delivery of the manuscript and for publication; the payments you will be due; the responsibility for preparing supporting materials; and clearly stated information on the conditions for the termination and reversion provisions of the contract. Further details on what your contract will include are covered by answers to several of the other questions, below.

Will I have an opportunity to take advice on the content of the Contract?

Yes. We strongly advise that an author who is not professionally represented seeks a proper opportunity for explanation of the terms of the contract and the reasons for each provision.

Will I retain ownership of the Copyright of my work?

Yes. You will always retain the copyright of your work. It is your work.

Will I be given a proper opportunity to share in the success of the publication?

Yes. The publishing process as we see it is supposed to be about empowering the author to feel good about the process of publishing, and that includes your proper share in the success of your book.

Will we agree an anticipated timetable for publication?

Yes. This will be discussed beforehand and be laid out clearly in your contract.

If I send you a manuscript, will it be handled promptly and progress be transparent?

Yes. We will handle your manuscript in a timely manner, and keep you informed of progress. All manuscripts received by us are be acknowledged as soon as received. If unsolicited, you have a duty, as we see it, to tell us if you have simultaneously submitted the same work (or a work that is substantially the same) to any other publisher, however. If your submission to us is unsuccessful, though we are under no obligation to give you a reason for rejection, and most publishers will tell you that if you have not heard back after a given period, then you should assume it was rejected, we believe it right that we tell you as soon as we have made our decision and (briefly) on what grounds. We cannot offer detailed editorial advice on unsuccessful submissions, however.

Once published, will I be kept informed of how my work is selling and what monies are due to me?

Yes. The period during which sales are to be accounted for will be defined in your contract and will be followed, after a period also to be laid down in your contract, where applicable, by a royalty statement and a remittance of monies due. Accounts are rendered annually, at the very least. Payment of royalties (where applicable) will be accompanied by a statement of sales and other earnings showing how such fees have been calculated.

For what reason would you ever cancel a contract?

We definitely hope this would not happen, but if you were to not deliver a completed manuscript according to your contract, or within the contracted period, we may terminate the contract and seek to recover any investment we have made up to that point. If you produce the work in good faith and with proper care, in accordance with the terms of the contract, but we decide not to publish on the grounds of quality, we will not seek to recover our investment, however. Please note that we are under no obligation to publish a work where there is a reason to believe it is defamatory or otherwise illegal. Further advice on the reasonable cancellation of contracts is available from a body such as The Society of Authors.

What is my involvement expected to be with regard design, promotion, and marketing of my work?

We see it as our responsibility to keep you updated about decisions about these matters. We may consult you about design decisions, but ultimately the design and/or branding of the work will be based on our industry experience and expertise. We may request that you participate in marketing events and promotion (where geographically and/or financially possible) but you are under no personal obligation to do so. If you are unable to participate, we will promote the work, but in certain circumstances, it may be in an author's financial interest to take part in book-signings, media appearances, and other promotional events, in order to give their work every chance of success.

Will I be responsible for the cost(s) for permission(s) to use other copyright material?

We will always stipulate the conditions for this prior to formulating your contract, and this is considered on a case-by-case basis. If you quote from copyright sources/material then, generally, you will be expected to seek and provide evidence that you have sought and received permission to use it (we can help you with this). If costs are involved, we may choose to assist with those costs on a case-by-case basis that is mutually agreed, but ultimately this will be at our discretion. In certain circumstances, where we have provided such financial assistance, we reserve the right to recover any costs for such financial assistance from payments due to you from sales, but, as stated, this will be discussed and mutually agreed between us prior to a contractual agreement.

Will you keep me informed of Sub-Licensing Agreements and any monies due to me as a result?

Yes. Though we do not sub-licence (or have not chosen to do so to date), we are willing to discuss matters of sub-licensing for your peace of mind and would keep you informed in a timely and transparent manner if this were the case. Further information about sub-licensing agreements from an author's perspective can be found on the Writers & Artists website.

Will you promote my work via major online booksellers such as Amazon?

Yes. We operate under an Amazon Advantage account and make full use of Amazon's Author Central facility to promote author profiles. All our books appear on Amazon's catalogue, but if you wish us to keep all of Amazon's fulfilment centres (and there are many) fully stocked at all times throughout the UK, you should ask to be briefed on the impact this may have on monies due to you from Amazon sales. We have information about this that we can provide but, in brief, Amazon takes 60% of the cover price on every book sold, and there are significant postal costs in keeping their growing number of fulfilment centres stocked. This can severely impact on the payments received by us from sales and is something that is of concern to all Small Press publishers to some degree.

If your title is a slow-selling "niche title" (albeit with a long-'shelf-life') a book can quite quickly become loss-making under these circumstances (further compounded by Amazon's aggressive 'returns policy' where unsold books may be returned within just a few months of the bookseller requesting stock. We often find that stock returned from Amazon has shelf/storage wear or minor damage that renders it unsalable to other booksellers too). With this in mind, as a matter of courtesy to you, and because we are asked this question often, we will discuss this with you (prior to you singing your contract) as well as the many options for effectively selling "niche titles" online (including via our website, which has global reach). Your book will always be listed on all booksellers' databases for order, however, including Amazon's, and will be available for order from our main distributors also.

Who is responsible for drawing up the Contracts that your authors sign?

The Society of Authors and Publishing Scotland recommend Clark's Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents (published by Bloomsbury) as the 'go to' reference for publishing agreements. Our contract will, therefore, conform to the industry standard, and be of a kind that anyone with experience in this field will immediately recognise and be able to advise upon.

If you have a question that is not answered above, please ask us by email, and we will reply as soon as we can. We may choose to add your question to this page if we feel it may be of benefit to other users of this page.