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We use a Secured Dropbox Folder to receive your manuscript. All Submissions are confidential, and only we will be able to access what you submit. We aim to acknowledge the submission of your manuscript/files within 48hrs by email.

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If You Experience Technical Issues:

(1) Please remember our Guidelines: you can only upload files that are up to 2 GB in size.

(2) If you receive a message stating "Error: Hatchet Green doesn't have enough Space for these files", do not worry. We have received Part 1 of your submission, which is already held securely. It may be that the above Error message appears because, within the past 24hrs, we have received a large number of files.

(3) If you see an 'insufficient space Error', simply email us now, and we will be in touch to arrange a fast transfer of files very soon. This will not cause a delay in your submission being considered. If you receive a message stating  "Error: Something went wrong. Please try sending your files again", you can try to upload your manuscript/files in a different browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari) or in an incognito/private browser window. You can also clear your browser's cache and reattempt uploading the file. Remember to copy the URL that you have been redirected to, and paste it into the address window of the alternative browser that you use.